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B Y    G E E T    B A R U A

Only 10 seats 


Produce professional quality mixed and mastered tracks
in less than 10 weeks
Become the next 5D Music Producer

why choose us?


5D Music Production System

Streaming Growth


One-on-one mentoring & 

daily doubt clearance


Lifetime access 


Easy-to-use Templates

Become the next 5D Music Producer
Why Choose Us?
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what results will i get?

is this you now?


 Struggling to start or finish songs?
Produce with ease and consistency
Spending days mixing yet bad quality mixes?
Mix your tracks in a day
Mastering by trial & error?
Master your tracks in 1 hour
Busy schedule?
Learn the quickest tricks to producing 
Confused if you need an expensive studio ? 
Work on a budget friendly production setup
Struggling to market your music?
Learn to grow on Facebook, Instagram & Spotify
Blaming your room for bad mixes/masters?
Learn DIY methods for acoustic treatment
Confused how to create a professional image?
Create a trending artist portfolio

95% of music producers never make it even after years of hard work

due to lack of guidance and mentorship.


If you are serious about your music, this program will take you to the next level

Become the next 5D Music Producer
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10 Expert Advice

I've learnt from

10 Best Selling Artists



TIMBALAND         KASHMR         SAN HOLO         AR RAHMAN    

JOHN PETRUCCI (Dream Theatre)    

BRETT MANNING (vocal coach for Taylor Swift)

GREG WELLS (producer for Katy Perry, Adele, One Direction)

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Dan Hoyt

Boston, MA, USA


Like most producers, even I thought it takes many years to produce good music. But this program defies this myth. Within 7 weeks, I was able to produce fully mixed and mastered tracks and by the 10th week I had a brief overview of how to market my music and I learnt how to build my website and social media pages. 


Sam Bond-Kendall

Timsbury, United Kingdom


Shocked how I was practicing the wrong techniques for years. Now I am reworking my old songs with the 5D mix/master templates and every tune sounds like a radio hit. Geet encourages you to find your own sound. His passion to genuinely teach me to get better and his punctuality was highly appreciated. He will make sure you attain professional level in the least amount of time. I am proud to say that I am a 5D Music Producer. 


Natalie Reilly

Mount Pleasant, MI, USA


I started seeing results from the 3rd week itself. The best part is you can text Geet whenever you get stuck. It blows my mind how I need to do so little in mastering because I already produce and mix efficiently.  Geet repeats how to address issues in the production stage itself so that it makes it easy to mix and master. Geet's ability to identify even the smallest mistakes in my songs was commendable.  

about me


My name is a Geet Barua and I am a music producer just like you. I love making EDM and world music. I can’t stop myself from playing every instrument I get my hands on and my day is never over until I sing a few songs with my guitar. 


But I find greater pleasure in helping others improve their skills by sharing valuable lessons from my experiences and mistakes. What took me 10 years would have taken me only a couple of years IF I had mentors to guide me earlier on in life. 


Only after enrolling at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I realized the importance of mentorship by professional musicians. Luckily for me, I learnt from some of the best professors in the world. The quality of my music took an exponential leap and after releasing just a few of my singles, my tracks have over 25 million streams, 700,000 + views on YouTube and have won a few international competitions.

Artist photo for Spotify (small size).pn


Alumnus, Berklee College of Music '18     Winner, UK Songwriting Competition 2019       Finalist, USA Songwriting Competition 2019

            25 million+ streams                                         700,000+ views on YouTube                   100 million+ views on collaborative projects

             Featured collaborative project on T-Series, world's largest YouTube channel             

   Featured artist for Gaana, India's largest streaming platform

     Performed in venues such as the Boston Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, etc. 

Berklee Asia Tour Scholar 2014(highest recipient from India)    Berklee Annual Achievement Grant          Berklee International Grant

          Worked alongside 300+ musicians from 35+ countries  in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas and Chicago

                                                                                           Performed Alongside

                                                                 AR Rahman - Multiple Grammy and Oscar Winner

                                  Aamir Khan - Regarded by Forbes and Newsweek as one of  world's biggest movie stars

                                                                       Vijay Prakash - Grammy and Oscar winner

                                                                                               Mentored at Berklee by

Greg Wells - Producer for Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Elton John.

Jonathan Wyner- Mastering Engineer, Recordings with Nirvana, Aerosmith, David Bowie, Cream, Pink Floyd,  Bruce Springsteen

Jason Stokes - Grammy wining audio engineer, recording credits include Outkast, Metallica Mariah Carey, Pink 

Jon Finn - Performed with John Petrucci of Dream TheaterCarl VerheyenVinnie MooreAndy Timmons

Julien Kasper - opened shows for BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Bo Diddley

Tomo Fujita - Former students include John Mayer and Eric Krasno (Soulive)

Simon Shaheen - Performed with Quincy Jones, Sting, Detroit Symphony. Received the UN Outstanding Artistic Contribution Award

Tim Miller - Performed with Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson. Invented the famous & unique 212 Intervallic Arpeggio System

Jason Jordan - Managing Director, ONErpm North America, Former EVP, Republic Records, Universal Music Group

Others Engagements

Music Studio Director, LWCGWC, Decatur, MI - Prestigious summer music program for producers under 18 years in the US

Trained over 100+ musicians, producers, songwriters

Leading a global team of 12+ music production mentors

Managing 5-room studio - 10+ artists per room every hour

Become the next 5D Music Producer
About Me
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book a free consultation call

Due to high demand, an application and a short consultation call is necessary. In the call, we will brainstorm if this program is the right fit for you. The goal is to set a personalized strategy that works best for your musical style and work schedule.
Please be aware: 
Unfortunately, I can only serve a handful of clients while delivering great results at the same time. 
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