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Turn your song ideas to radio ready singles
in less than 10 weeks

Master the 5 core dimensions of music production and marketing

Save thousands by never hiring anyone else for producing, mixing, mastering and marketing

Become the next 5D Music Producer
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10 Expert Advice

I've learnt from

10 Best Selling Artists



TIMBALAND         KASHMR         SAN HOLO         AR RAHMAN    

JOHN PETRUCCI (Dream Theatre)    

BRETT MANNING (vocal coach for Taylor Swift)

GREG WELLS (producer for Katy Perry, Adele, One Direction)

Music Set

Geet joined us as our Recording Studio Manager. His responsibilities included the day-to-day operation and management of the recording studio as a state of the art music teaching facility. Geet managed a team of 7 music instructors, ensuring that an effective teaching curriculum was delivered.

 Geet showed the ability, skill and emotional intelligence to work one on one with some of our more demanding campers. Geet always performed at a very high level in all elements of his work with us. Geet lead by example and was instrumental in building positive momentum within our Recording Studio offerings. He constantly showed good situational awareness and naturally identified situations that needed to be managed. His ability to connect and guide campers of all ages within the field of music is impressive.

Tom Daniel

United Kingdom

Assistant Director, LWCGWC, Decatur, MI


Geet Barua is a teaching artist and producer with an inspiring spark who brings his heart and impressive skill set effortlessly to everyone with whom he works.

Pete Kalvert

Founder and Director, Music Ascension, New York

Vice President & Co-Founder, THREAD, New York


Geet was my teacher in the U.S in 2019. Even though it was quite a while ago what he taught me has stuck with me to this day. Some of those things were: How the software works, the best vocal techniques, how singers record in professional studios and how to record my very own music. I liked the way that Geet gave clear feedback, making it easy for you to improve when necessary but not making you lose confidence

Mali Nicholson

Queensland, Australia


Geet is just an all around great person and I think that’s apparent the moment you meet him. His passion for music shines through and he is skilled and knowledgeable about music production, song writing and how to put those things together so it feels right for the student. Anyone would be lucky to work with him!

Dara Fishman

Northampton, Massachusetts

Image by Jason Rosewell

Join the FIRST and ONLY online music program

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STOP wasting years feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed

STOP the painful slow process of learning by watching tons of YouTube videos

FOCUS on your creative process, NOT the technical struggles



If you are serious about your music, this program will take you to the next level

Become the next 5D Music Producer
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Since I mentor each of my clients every day, only a few seats are available per batch. This ensures great results and effective one-on-one mentoring.

Due to high demand, an application and a short consultation call is necessary. In the call, we will brainstorm if this program is the right fit for you. The goal is to set a personalized strategy that works best for your musical style and work schedule.


Only 10 per batch



why choose us?

5D Music Production System – Proven and time-saving

Produce professional standard tracks with ease and consistency

Save time by using proven 5D mixing and mastering templates

Master the 5 core dimensions to be a successful music producer

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One-on-one mentoring and daily doubt clearance

Virtual hand-holding support 

2-way screen sharing : learn our techniques on your DAW 

Weekly mentoring video calls, daily doubt clearance

Daily support on WhatsApp / Phone / Facebook messenger 

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Lower price compared to similar online courses/music schools

Discounted all-in-one music production & marketing program

Designed for bedroom producers with limited budget

Lifetime access to course and all updates

Access to all course material for lifetime

Notification on every course update

Easy-to-use Templates for production, mixing and mastering

Save time by customizing each template to your music style

Reuse your templates for all your songs

Mix/Master your tracks in auto-pilot


Music Marketing Strategies for Streaming Growth

Create and promote Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Spotify ads

Distribute music to all platforms without paying commission to anyone

Target your one time listeners to become fans and customers


Free/paid resources for portfolio management

Build your own artist website, album art, promotional material etc.

Record your music videos with a phone, minimal light setup and phone gimbal/tripod

Basic video editing techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro

Mental/Physical Health Awareness for musicians

THE MOST important part often neglected by musicians

Learn vocal exercises, hand, neck & finger stretches

Learn ways to deal with anxiety and stage fright

 Avoid common Musician injuries

Become the next 5D Music Producer
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Music Software Companies listed below support affordable music education. New music producers are lucky to have such a supportive community willing to provide  the most popular and latest plugins at affordable costs. We've partnered with these companies to provide our clients with big discount for their plugin purchases.
Please note that we DON'T receive any commissions from them. I will use these plugins in my program, and would encourage you to purchase the discounted bundle.



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SERUM - Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer: 30% Off

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SYLENTH1 - Virtual Analog VSTi synthesizer - 30% Off




LFO TOOL - 30% Off

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what results will i get?

I MENTOR music producers like you to create professional quality mixed and mastered tracks;

TRAINING you to promote your music by cost-effective marketing;

And TRANSFORMING you to become a unique 5D Music Producer.


is this you now?


A beginner/intermediate music producer wasting time on YouTube tutorials yet struggling to start or finish songs?
Produce 1 single a week (start to finish) by following our simple and proven 5D Production System
Spending days mixing from scratch every time - yet bad quality mixes and harming your ears ?
Mix your tracks in a day by following our all-in-one 5D Magic Mixing Template
Mastering by trial & error yet tracks not loud enough/sound different on every music system ?
Master your tracks in 1 hour using the simple 5D Magic Mastering Template
A working professional struggling to make time to produce music as a hobby ?
Learn the quickest tricks to producing music by using ready-to-use templates. Develop an action plan fitting your busy schedule
Confused if you need a fancy studio/expensive equipment to make good quality music ?
Master a handful of the best tools (like the pros do) and learn to use them wisely. You will work on a budget friendly production setup
Wondering why your track received less than a 100 streams even after spending a lot on money on mix/master engineer, booking studio time etc.?
Develop pro level skills to never depend on/hire anyone. Save and spend your dollars ONLY and ONLY on marketing your music
Blaming your room for bad mixes/masters? Want your room to sound like in a professional studio?
Having an acoustically treated room is desirable but not necessary. Learn cheap DIY methods to transform your room to replicate a studio
Confused how to fund/make your music videos, album art, website etc., distribute your music ?
Create your artist portfolio and build a professional image by not burning a hole in your pocket
Become the next 5D Music Producer

about me


My name is a Geet Barua and I am a music producer just like you. I love making EDM and world music in various languages and genres. I can’t stop myself from playing every instrument I get my hands on and my day is never over until I sing a few songs with my guitar. 


But I find greater pleasure in helping others improve their skills by sharing valuable lessons from my experiences and mistakes. What took me 10 years would have taken me only a couple of years IF I had mentors to guide me earlier on in life. 


Only after enrolling at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I realized the importance of mentorship by professional musicians. Luckily for me, I learnt from some of the best professors in the world. The quality of my music took an exponential leap and after releasing just a few of my singles, my tracks have over 20 million streams, 700,000 + views on YouTube and have won a few international competitions.

95% of music producers never make it even after years of hard work due to lack of guidance and mentorship. Some join pre-recorded video tutorials without personal mentoring or by browsing YouTube every day. While that is a way to become better at the craft (I have done that a lot too) , it takes a few years of your life. Such producers still lack the personal one-on-one daily mentorship that is extremely crucial in any field of work to excel. They end up adopting wrong techniques and practice them over and over again, only to nail strategies that make their songs sound bad. They finally end up doubting themselves and stop making music.  Thus, my passion to teach comes from the motivation of helping talented musicians like them, who may have not had the opportunity to learn from a professional like me, but have the talent to produce great music.  I get goose bumps when my clients’ song ideas turn to life. The happiness of knowing that I have saved years of trouble for an artist without failing, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or tired, is priceless!

I will look forward to speaking with you on our consultation call.

I am excited to discuss how I can be of help to rocket up your music career to the next level.  

BUT most importantly, I can't wait to hear your story!

Become the next 5D Music Producer


Alumnus, Berklee College of Music '18     Winner, UK Songwriting Competition 2019       Finalist, USA Songwriting Competition 2019

            20 million+ streams                                         700,000+ views on YouTube                   100 million+ views on collaborative projects

             Featured collaborative project on T-Series, world's largest YouTube channel             

   Featured artist for Gaana, India's largest streaming platform

     Performed in venues such as the Boston Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, etc. 

Berklee Asia Tour Scholar 2014(highest recipient from India)    Berklee Annual Achievement Grant          Berklee International Grant

          Worked alongside 300+ musicians from 35+ countries  in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas and Chicago

                                                                                           Performed Alongside

                                                                 AR Rahman - Multiple Grammy and Oscar Winner

                                  Aamir Khan - Regarded by Forbes and Newsweek as one of  world's biggest movie stars

                                                                       Vijay Prakash - Grammy and Oscar winner

                                                                                               Mentored at Berklee by

Greg Wells - Producer for Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Elton John.

Jonathan Wyner- Mastering Engineer, Recordings with Nirvana, Aerosmith, David Bowie, Cream, Pink Floyd,  Bruce Springsteen

Jason Stokes - Grammy wining audio engineer, recording credits include Outkast, Metallica Mariah Carey, Pink 

Jon Finn - Performed with John Petrucci of Dream TheaterCarl VerheyenVinnie MooreAndy Timmons

Julien Kasper - opened shows for BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Bo Diddley

Tomo Fujita - Former students include John Mayer and Eric Krasno (Soulive)

Simon Shaheen - Performed with Quincy Jones, Sting, Detroit Symphony. Received the UN Outstanding Artistic Contribution Award

Tim Miller - Performed with Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson. Invented the famous & unique 212 Intervallic Arpeggio System

Jason Jordan - Managing Director, ONErpm North America, Former EVP, Republic Records, Universal Music Group

Others Engagements

Music Studio Director, LWCGWC, Decatur, MI - Prestigious summer music program for producers under 18 years in the US

Trained over 100+ musicians, producers, songwriters

Leading a global team of 12+ music production mentors

Managing 5-room studio - 10+ artists per room every hour

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Due to high demand, an application for the consultation call is necessary. This will give me an idea of where you stand in your musical journey and we  can have a productive discussion on how my program can help you achieve professional level. It is short 30 minutes call, so I am hoping you will learn something meaningful in case we don't get an opportunity to speak again.

Please be prepared with all your questions, queries and concerns. I am here to help you and I will look forward to your call.