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I am Geett Barua, a music producer, audio engineer and a music production coach with a passion to revolutionize music production education through technology. Armed with a diploma in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston and a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering (with a specialization in chemical process engineering), I aspire to empower 100,000 music producers and audio engineers globally to create, mix, and master music from their homes.

My debut singles on India's largest streaming platform Gaana exceeded 24 million streams and garnered recognition in competitions like the UK Songwriting Competition and the International Songwriting Competition. Collaborations on the global album "Shuruaat" with 98 musicians from 39 countries, including Grammy consideration, marked significant milestones. I have performed alongside other prominent Oscar and Grammy winning musicians in iconic venues such as the Boston Symphony Hall and the Jordan Hall. 

As co-founder of Immersed Productions, a Los Angeles-based music production ed-tech platform, I'm at the intersection of engineering and music. My mission is use technology to redefine music technology education, breaking barriers for aspiring music producers and audio engineers globally. By empowering musicians to master music production, mixing, and mastering efficiently with just a laptop, I seek to create a more accessible and expedited pathway to their musical careers.

I am driven to pursue fields which explore the intersection of music and technology, with a focus on the technical dimensions of music production education. My vision is a future where technology seamlessly facilitates music production learning, contributing to a paradigm shift in how we approach this art form.


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